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Workers' Compensation policy review

Workers' Comp Recovery (WCR) is an independent Workers' Compensation review firm servicing the mid-Atlantic region.  Our specialty is reviewing past and present Workers' Compensation policies to identify discrepancies and technical errors that increases your premium.  We work with your insurance provider and rating bureau to efficiently correct these errors and retrieve a refund for past overpayments.

Many times overcharges occur in insurance policies that can go undetected by agents and auditors.  Continuously changing laws regarding the state insurance regulations and rating bureaus can often be the causes of discrepancies in your premium charges.  Although your agent may check for errors and assures you the best rates, nonetheless errors can still occur.

WCR makes it simple!

When using WCR's review process, your involvement is minimal.  With just a quick conversation and gathering of information, we provide a confidential review of your business' policy and verify that the classifications and rates in your Workers' Compensation policy are the most applicable to your business.  If an error is found, we work with the insurance company or your agent to correct the mistake and recover your overpayment.  Our services are provided strictly on contingency basis, based on a percentage of the overcharges recovered.  If you are not issued a refund or credit from the insurance company WCR takes no fee.

Our review service applies to any industry: healthcare, retail, wholesale, foodservice, construction, manufacturing, etc.  80% of the policies we have reviewed contained errors which increased the annual premium unknown to our client or their agent.

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